A Special Three-Day Tour for Parents

A special program for the older generation. Give your beloved ones the opportunity to spend three wonderful days in Kazan. Full support and care for your family.

It is worth coming:

to visit the Museum of Socialist life

to see the amazingly beautiful city, the Kazan Kremlin, and the Kul Sharif Mosque

to visit the “Island-Town of Sviyazhsk” – a historical, architectural and art museum-reserve located on the island

to walk along the main pedestrian street of Kazan – Bauman Street, which is usually called “Kazan Arbat”

to visit the National Complex “Tugan Avylym”, which is translated from Tatar as the “Home Village”


On the first day, we will go on a sightseeing bus tour. On the way, you can go out and see the Kazan Mother of God Monastery, the Old Tatar Sloboda and the Peter and Paul Cathedral. We will visit the pearl of the capital of Tatarstan – the Kazan Kremlin. We will walk within the walls of the Kremlin and learn the fascinating stories of these places from our guide. We can go to the Kul Sharif Mosque and the Cathedral of the Annunciation. We will dive into the atmosphere of nostalgia at the Museum of Socialist Life. This is a unique place where everyone takes a trip to the USSR. There you may find not only things, but the spirit of that time.

Комфортабельный автобус
Богородицкий монастырь
Старо-Татарская слобода
Петропавловский собор
Казанский Кремль

02. Day

Остров Град Свияжск
Конный двор
Гончарские мастерские
Храм Всех Религий
Казанский Кремль

There is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the “Island-Town of Sviyazhsk”, which is located not far from Kazan. Sviyazhsk is a real miracle, an open-air museum. Here, next to historical temples and a horse yard, the houses of ordinary citizens of the island are situated. There is an opportunity to admire the unique nature, the rivers of Tatarstan along the road. And on the way back we will visit a unique architectural ensemble – the Temple of All Religions.

03. Day

Next day we will go for a walk along the Bauman Street, take beautiful photos, and visit the National Complex “Tugan Avylym”, which is translated from Tatar as the “Home Village”. This is a real cozy village with log houses and a pond, made in a modern way. Tugan Avylym has several workshops where they teach Tatar traditional crafts. Here you can create Tatar souvenirs yourself.

Баумана Казань
Туган Авылым

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