“At the origins of Islam” Tour in Tatarstan

Gorgeous mosques, ancient mausoleums, the world’s largest printed Quran! This trip to Kazan will change your understanding of the Muslim culture forever.

It is worth coming:

to see the largest printed Quran in the world

to visit the ancient city of Bolgar, which is the UNESCO World Heritage Site

to see the fabulous White Mosque extremely similar to the architectural masterpiece Taj Mahal

to visit the main mosque of Tatarstan – Kul Sharif

01. Day

On the day of arrival we will get acquainted with the most iconic places in the Islam’s history of Kazan. You will see the most ancient Mardzhani mosque, the nice Azimov mosque, the long-suffering Zabagan mosque, a “pearl” of Kazan – the new Irek mosque. While having an excursion around the Kazan Kremlin, you will enter the main city’s mosque – Kul Sharif. Furthermore, you will know the history of Kazan and the Tatar people.

мечеть Марджани
Мечеть Азимовская
Закабанная мечеть
мечеть «Ирек»
Казанский Кремль

02. Day

Древний город Болгар
Самый большой в мире печатный Коран

On the second day, we will go to the “Russian Mecca” – the ancient city of Bolgar, where Islam was adopted in 922. You will see the world’s largest printed Quran weighing half a ton and visit the magnificent White Mosque. You will also learn a lot about the history of the Volga Bulgarians – the ancestors of the modern Kazan Tatars and the state of Volga Bulgaria – the first Muslim state in Europe.

03. Day

Back to Kazan we will visit the modern mosque “Yardem”, which is the one of such kind. The mosque is a whole complex with a prayer hall, a hostel for nonresidents, computer labs, a library, and a mini-printing house. People with disabilities study here. After lunch you may visit a Muslim fashion workshop, attend a class on Arabic calligraphy and order a generic or personal family sign – tughra. In the end, we will finish our trip visiting the National Complex “Tugan Avylym”, which is translated from Tatar as the “Home Village”.

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