The Family Weekend (three-day tour)

Feel the atmosphere of a bright holiday and go on a fascinating journey through the fabulous Kazan. Breathtaking views, fun entertainment and large-scale sports facilities that will leave no one indifferent.

It is worth coming:

to get acquainted with Tatar fairytales and culture

to see the falling Söyembikä Tower and hear the legend of its first inhabitants

to see the fairy tale castle “Ekiyat” – one of the biggest puppet theatres in Russia

to visit the Kazan Kremlin – the ancient part of the city with a great history

to visit the Kazan Kremlin – the ancient part of the city with a great history

to visit the National Complex “Tugan Avylym”, which is translated from Tatar as the “Home Village”

A fascinating journey through the city will begin with the Kazan Kremlin. It really can surprise both adults and children. For young explorers, it will be a real adventure to visit the Natural History Museum and know the story of dinosaurs. Adults travelling around the Kremlin “in a serious way”, will dive into the era of Ivan the Terrible, learn the sad story of the Tatar beautiful lady Syuyumbike and admire the panoramic view of the city while listening to interesting stories of our guide. You can see the bright lights of the city at night on the way to one of the largest water parks in Europe “Riviera”, which will not leave anyone indifferent!

Музея естественной истории
Памятник Ивана Грозного
Башня Сююмбике
Казанский Кремль

02. Day

Остров Град Свияжск
Конный двор
Городская панорама
Татнефть арена
Казанский Кремль

The most active day. After having breakfast, we will explore the Island-Town of Sviyazhsk. Sviyazhsk is a real miracle in the middle of the Volga River. Sviyazhsk is a real miracle, an open-air museum. Here, next to historical temples and a horse yard, the houses of ordinary citizens of the island are situated. There is an opportunity to admire the unique nature and the rivers of Tatarstan. Traditional Russian cuisine, hot bread, “sbiten” – it is exactly what you need after a long walk. A place of vivid impressions, where the past and the present meet the future. Then, you will go to the world of amazing multimedia exhibits presenting the history of Kazan – the Museum “City Panorama”. Kazan is called the sports capital of Russia, and many sports facilities located in the city prove it. There are the ice rink where the Ak-Bars hockey team plays, the football stadium where the 2018 FIFA World Cup took place, the Aquatics Palace, the Judo Palace, the Gymnastics Center. The list is endless. Better to see once!

03. Day

There is always a castle in a real fairy tale. In Kazan, there is also one. It is the “Ekiyat” Puppet Theater, where your favorite fairy-tale characters live, and miracles happen! In addition, you will see a little bears’ house. It is an incredibly kind and fluffy museum. Nearby you may buy souvenirs and take photos in costumes of real Kazan khans and oriental queens.

Мишкин дом
Туган авылым

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