“Romantic Date” Tour in Kazan (two-day tour)

‘Mahabbet’ means ‘love’ in Tatar. It sounds very warm, cozy, and romantic. Just like the city of Kazan itself! Delight your beloved one and go on a romantic date in Kazan.

It is worth coming:

to see the amazing historical center of Kazan

to have a romantic carriage ride

to drink champagne enjoying a bird’s eye view

to stand under the Arch of Lovers

to look at a unique wedding palace “Kazan”

to visit the old Raifa monastery

01. Day

A date in Kazan begins in keeping with the best traditions of romantic films. We will start our walk under the famous clock located in the beginning of the Bauman pedestrian street. This is the most popular place for romantic meetings of millions of Kazan citizens. Further, you could stand under the popular Arch of Lovers, where people usually say ‘I love you’. After a walk in the Black Lake park, you will have a romantic carriage ride along the most beautiful stree – Kremlevskaya. We will definitely stop to see the falling Söyembikä Tower, which means “beloved lady” in Tatar. The wedding palace “Kazan”is a real symbol of a strong family and the main wedding palace of the city. Every year thousands of Kazan citizens officially marry within its walls. In the evening, you will see the city from a bird’s eye view riding the Ferris wheel “Around the World”. Each cabin symbolizes one of the world’s capitals. Which city would you like to visit next time? Paris, New-York, or maybe Rome?

Баумана Казань
Башня сююмбике
Чаша Казань
Вокруг света

02. Day

Раифский Богородицкий монастырь

After having breakfast, you will have free time to enjoy morning and get cool memorable photos from one of the best photographers in Kazan. Further, you will explore the large temple complex of the male monastery, which attracts thousands of Orthodox pilgrims. The Raifsky Mother of God Monastery located nearby Kazan was built in the 17th century by the hermit Filaret. On the territory of the monastery there is a holy spring with water from artesian wells, a real forest lake, and an ensemble of ice figures in winter!


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